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The Surprising Fitness Tool That Ashley Graham Uses to Tone Her Thighs

by on November 15, 2017

This Mom Ditched Her Emotional Eating

Habit and Lost More Than 300 Lbs.



“For each feeling I had amid that time, nourishment was my medication of decision,” she says.

Michelle Ward Trainor November 13, 2017

This article initially showed up on People.com.

At right around 500 lbs., Michelle Ball was a passionate eater.

Subsequent to wedding her secondary school sweetheart at 21, she rapidly brought forth two youngsters 20 months separated, and steadily, Ball says, “let [herself] go.”

“When I got hitched I was somewhat littler than I am presently,” Ball — who right now weighs 180 lbs. subsequent to experiencing a mind boggling body change — tells PEOPLE. “My significant other at the time was in restorative school and residency and we had little kids. It was extremely distressing for the two of us. I managed it by putting their necessities previously my own.”

She proceeds: “For each feeling I had amid that time, sustenance was my medication of decision. I sort of desensitized myself that way and went after nourishment for pity, push, gloom, uneasiness, satisfaction; I celebrated with sustenance.”

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